05 May 2016
by CuddliApp
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Free Comic Book Day

Cuddli will be hosting a speeddating event at Comic Bug’s Free Comic Book Day event on May 14 at 2p! Please sign up if you want to participate, and meet us at our booth at the Culver City Location.

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Cuddli’s Waffle Party at Meltdown Comics [Wrapup]

Last Saturday, Cuddli held a singles mixer brunch at the world famous Meltdown Comics in Hollywood! It was a rousing success, with about 50 geeks mingling and getting their waffle on. We set up a waffle bar, run by Chef JoAnna. Every so often, someone would get a Death Star waffle! We also hosted a coffee and tea bar, with a variety of adorable and delicious fandom teas from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe!

Participants made nametags that showed icons of their favorite things, similar to what you would do in the Cuddli app. This worked as an icebreaker to start conversations.

Comics Beat also came by, and did this fantastic writeup of the event!

Thanks for brunching with us! Did you meet someone cool at the event? Find them in the Cuddli App!


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